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Interac Email Money Transfers

A convenient, fast and secure way to send and receive money.

The money is sent in real-time and all you need is an email address. Banking information is never shared. This service is currently offered only in Canadian currency and is limited to accounts held at Canadian Financial Institututions.

Go to your own bank's Online Banking Page and check to see what 'Funds Transfers' or 'Internet Email Money Transfers' Services they provide. Follow their instructions.

They will ask you to provide a security question and answer. This information is required by the recipient (in this case, Desolation Sound Yacht Charters) in order to receive the money.

We suggest you use "What is the name of my boat?" as we will know the answer. When you provide the answer make sure you spell the name correctly (it is spelling and case sensitive) or the transaction won't work. If you choose to use another security question, don't forget to send us the answer.

The money is withdrawn from your account. An email is automatically sent to the recipient (in this case, Desolation Sound Yacht Charters), notifying them that you have sent the money and giving them instructions on how to pick it up.

Most of the banks put a limit on the amount of funds that can be transfered in one transaction, so you may have to send more than one transaction in order to make a complete payment. This amount varies so check with your bank to find out what your limit might be.

Direct Deposits

We deal with the TD Canada Trust Bank. If you would like to directly deposit your payment into our account, please contact us and we can provide our account details. This is a simple, cost free way to make your payment. Of course, it only works if you have a TD Canada Trust Branch in your town or city.