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Security Deposit Information

Your security deposit may be held to offset the cost of any damage you might do to the yacht or her equipment; or any item you might lose; to compensate for Charter Revenue that might be lost if you return the yacht in a condition unfit for charter; or if you fail to return the yacht on time.

The most common problems we have encountered over the past years are as follows:

Running aground - If you run aground we will hold 100% of your security deposit, pending evaluation and repair of the damage. It is our policy to haul all grounded yachts. Please read your charts and tide tables carefully and refer to Chart #1 - Symbols & Abbreviations if you encounter an unfamiliar symbol. We send a diver down to inspect the bottom of each yacht after each charter. If you have run aground you are obliged by contract to contact us IMMEDIATELY and return to Comox for underwater inspection and assessment of the damage.

Wrapping a line in your propeller - This most often happens when anchoring or docking without having first brought the dinghy in close and ensuring there are no lines in the water. So always ensure that you have no lines in the water, or free to fall into the water, before engaging the gears. Again, it can cost up to the total of your Security Deposit to repair a bent or broken shaft and/or strut and/or propeller.

Damage to the forestay - This can occur if you attempt to furl the genoa or jib when it is under load. If you use excessive force to furl a sail you can wrap the jib halyard around the forestay and cut either of these. Never use a winch to furl a sail! Again, an expensive repair.

Tearing sails - This most often happens where the forward reefing cringle or aft reefing pennant is released without first untying the reef point ties. It can also occur any time you use excessive force when winching - always watch the effects on the sail as you winch in.

Hitting docks, buoys, breakwaters, etc. & damaging pulpits, stanchions, gel coat, etc. - Please give yourself lots of room; watch for the effect of wind and current; maneuver cautiously; and have your crew prepared.

Additional charges not covered under your security deposit

Black-soled runners - provide very poor non-skid and leave black scuff marks on the decks which are very difficult to remove. We recommend that, in the interest of good seamanship, you do not wear black-soled runners.

Blockage in head(s) - We ensure that the head(s) are operating when we hand over the yacht to you. If the head is plugged when you return the yacht, we will have to charge you to unplug it. It is a very objectionable and often time-consuming job. Please do not put large quantities of toilet paper or other items in the head(s) that might plug it. Please remember to pump the holding tank(s) at least two times each day. This will ensure no overflow back into the head(s). Holding tanks MUST be pumped PRIOR to returning to the dock. Head, macerator pump(s) and holding tank(s) pumpouts / repairs will incur a $250.00 fee.

Late return - If you return later than the time agreed to in your contract, you can be charged for the extra charter time and/or for any revenue lost because of your late return. If you are late for any reason, please attempt to contact our office to notify us. Your re-delivery time is 9 AM on the last day of your charter. You must be clear of your yacht by 9 AM. We suggest that you bring a copy of your signed charter contract with you in case you have to confirm return dates or times during your charter.

Re-fueling - You are required to leave the yacht with full fuel tank(s). Please remember to budget enough time for re-fueling and re-delivery by 9 AM. Please check with us for the Gas N Go Marina fuel dock business hours or call Gas N Go Marina directly at (250) 339-4664. If you do not re-fuel the yacht, we will do so for a charge of $100.00 for sailboats and $125.00 for power yachts, plus taxes, plus the cost of fuel.

Cleaning - We would like to see all our charter clients get a full refund of their Security Deposit. In your Charter Contract you have agreed to re-deliver the yacht to us in as good condition and in as clean a state as when delivery was taken by you. To help clean up we have provided a cleaning kit. Please do not use SOS pads or steel wool above decks as it causes rust spots. If you would like us to clean your yacht following your charter, we will do so for a fee of $150.00 per vessel up to 38', $200.00 per vessel 39' to 45' and $250 per vessel over 45', plus taxes.