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Charter Yacht Ownership Program

The smartest way to own a yacht is to own one that can make money. Desolation Sound Yacht Charters Ltd. offers programs that take care of your insurance, moorage and maintenance, with further revenues that could be applied toward loan payments. Today it is becoming more and more difficult to justify ownership of a yacht when you compare the cost to actual use. A charter yacht ownership program greatly reduces the cost of owning a yacht.

Questions to Ask

Why do you want to do this?

  1. Want a boat.
  2. Would use it less or equal to average (38 days/year).
  3. Want the boat looked after and ready when you want.
  4. Looking for a way to subsidize ownership.
  5. End goals - the boat you want - trade up - retirement.

The Process

  1. Finding the right boat
    • Charter vs. personal preference
    • New vs. used
    • Brand name vs. unknown
  2. Finding the money
    • Can you afford it?
    • Charter revenue and banks
  3. Finding the right charter company
    • Location / Moorage
    • Large vs. small
    • Management
    • Office / dock systems
    • Maintenance
  4. Financial picture
    • Splitting up the pie
  5. Getting out
    • Contract with company
    • Condition of the boat
    • Tax consequences

getting Answers

Will it work for you? Can we help answer that? Yes. Desolation Sound Yacht Charters Ltd. has been in the charter business for over 30 years. Our extensive experience with bareboat yacht charters can help guide you through the selection of your yacht, the purchase process, charter set-up and year-round management. For more information to make your dream come true call us!

Why Choose Desolation Sound Yacht Charters to Manage Your Yacht?

The Management Team

We have the best charter yacht managers on the BC coast with years of experience in the charter business. We work hands-on with boat owners and charter customers on a daily basis.

Many advantages come from a mature and proven business, some of which are outlined below. Also, with years of experience Desolation Sound Yacht Charters (DSYC) has run a fleet of up to 35 sail & power yachts very successfully by developing a series system of checks and balances for all aspects of the business to cover things such as customer relations, yacht maintenance controls, and boat owner follow up.

Boat Owner Advantages

Charter Company / Boat Owner Revenue Share: For those placing a new boat into the fleet, DSYC reduces their commission from 35% to 25% for the first year and to 30% for the second year. In the third and subsequent years the share is 35% to company and 65% to owner less expenses for moorage, insurance, maintenance and turn around fee. This is the lowest commission structure on the coast.

Turn around fee: DSYC assigns a charge to each charter of $250 - $350, which covers cleaning, checking inventory and checking and testing all systems aboard the yacht at the end of each charter, and covers the customer orientation to the boat and chart briefing.

Yacht Maintenance Program

Extensive Pre-season Maintenance Program ~ Discounted Maintenance Fees

  • Licensed heavy duty mechanic on staff
  • DSYC trained personnel whose responsibilities include:
    • Yacht systems checks after each charter
    • Lighter mechanical maintenance that does not require a licensed mechanic's level of training
    • Yacht systems orientation for charter clients
    • Pre-season cleaning and wood refinishing
    • Post charter cleaning and inventory checks
  • On site supervision of all maintenance work at all times by managment staff. In addition, all work is reviewed with each employee at the end of each day.
  • All maintenance work is form driven: every activity must be initialed and time recorded per task performed on individual forms unique to each boat and type of work, ie. mechanical, light mechanical and cleaning / refinishing.
  • Detailed work records are provided to the owner, with billing invoices, which reflect all work done on staff work forms.
  • Up to 50% labour rate subsidy by DSYC. We consider maintenance to be the key element to the success of the charter business. It is our belief and philosophy that all maintenance done is essential and cannot be compromised. In order to achieve this goal and not compromise the financial outcome for the owner, DSYC offers labour charges as much as 50% below market rates.

Location And Services

  1. Full Service Charter Base
    • Charter base consists of full staffing on site in a consolidated location in the main marina with 950 sq. ft. floathouse housing a shop, parts inventory and maintenance administration.
    • Charter base accessible by road, train and air with 3 airlines flying into Comox from Vancouver and Calgary direct. (Westjet, Pacific Coastal and Central Mountain Air)
    • Full services in Comox include grocery stores, restaurants, banks, drug stores, retail shops, dentists, doctors and more ~ all within walking distance from the charter base.
  2. Personal Storage for Owners' Gear
    • Storage can be easily arranged for the additional gear owners may want to keep for their own use while on the yacht.
  3. Full Winterization Option
    • For boats staying year round, but not used during the winter months, we offer winterization. Boats are checked weekly by DSYC staff during this time.
  4. Attractive Moorage Rates
    • For boats that are staying year round with DSYC, moorage rates are very attractive compared to Vancouver or Victoria rates. Temporary moorage is also available in Comox for the charter season only.
  5. No Restrictions on Owner's Personal Use of Yacht
    • However, it is stressed that DSYC must have the opportunity to attain a minimum of 10 weeks charter in a season.
  6. Excellent Insurance Coverage
    • With an excellent claims record, DSYC can offer attractive rates that reflect a safety record that exceeds personal yacht use. Coverage covers boat owners, charter customers and DSYC.
  7. Extensive and thorough screening system for potential charter clients. High level of mariner skills is a must. Minimal sail and power course activity.