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There is nothing more enjoyable and exhilarating than sailing or power boating on a charter yacht. You decide when you wish to sail, swim, collect shellfish or just relax on deck. A yacht charter vacation combines the perfect blend of adventure, tranquility, stimulation and relaxation. When you charter from us you will enjoy the benefits of our ideal location, excellent selection of yachts, great facilities and personal service. We are committed to ensuring that your charter runs smoothly from start to finish.

Southern British Columbia boasts one of North America's most spectacular wilderness coasts, a coastline studded with islands and secluded beaches. Many of the islands along the coast are home to bald eagles and hundreds of species of seabirds, as well as marine mammals including the Dall's porpoise, Pacific white spotted dolphin, and of course the killer (Orca) whales. For sailors and power boaters this intricate coastline with winding channels and mountain fjords is a cruising paradise. The anchorages are sheltered; the weather is excellent; the scenery diverse and access to cruising is readily available.