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Securing Your Yacht To A Dock

The vessel centre line should be parallel to the dock.

Securing Your Yacht to a Dock

Fenders Should Be:

  • Tied to the base of a stanchion or other secure point - never on a lifeline
  • Spaced evenly or where there is any possibility that an object could come into contact with the vessel (e.g. the stern when docked stern-to)
  • Tied securely and adjusted so the bottom is 1-2 inches above the water

Breast Lines (1 & 2) Should Be:

At the bow and stern, as close to 90° to the centre line of the vessel as possible. This prevents the bow and stern from moving away from, or towards, the dock.

Spring Lines (3 & 4) Should Be:

As long as possible and should not be able to create any rubbing or chafing along their length. Spring lines prevent the vessel from moving ahead or astern.

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