Desolation Sound Yacht Charters

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Hard Bottom Inflatable

Hard bottom inflatable dinghy

Both sail and power yachts have Hard Bottom Inflatable Dinghies.

Fiberglass Rowing

Booth fiberglass rowing dinghy

Our smaller sailing yachts come with a Booth 9' fiberglass rowing dinghy which is towed behind the boat.


Livingston dinghy

Some of our power yachts come with a 9' Livingston Dinghy which is carried on the swim grid or on davits.

'No Tow' Policy

Desolation Sound Yacht Charters has a 'no tow' policy (except for the boat's own dinghy). Our boats, particularly our power boats, are not set up for towing larger dinghies. To avoid disappointment, all personal dinghies/boats must be pre-approved. We need a picture, dimensions & weight. If it is not pre-approved in writing you will not be allowed to tow it.