Cruising Desolation Sound

Located at the north end of the Sunshine Coast, about 90 miles from Vancouver or 24 miles from Comox on Vancouver Island, Desolation Sound is one of the largest and most famous marine parks in BC. Warm summer temperatures and the meeting of the tides jointly cause the Desolation Sound region to enjoy the mildest climate, richest sea life and warmest water on the BC coast.

Day 1

You will cross beautiful Georgia Strait, round Mystery Reef and Savary Island, past the seaside town of Lund (9), through Thulin Passage and up into Squirrel Cove (1) on Cortes Island for your first overnight anchorage.

Day 2

Explore Squirrel Cove, a very protected anchorage, and check out the “reversing creek” into a beautiful back water lagoon. Then head up to Teakerne Arm (2) to anchor next to the magnificent 90′ Cassel Lake falls for lunch. Explore the falls and swim the warm waters of the lake. For a good overnight anchorage, head back down Lewis Channel, stopping at Refuge Cove (3) for water, fuel, souvenirs or a great cappuccino and cinnamon bun, then on to Tenedos Bay (4) for the night

Day 3

Hike up to Unwin Lake and explore the many trails that lead back into the great Canadian wilderness. For your next overnight, head up around the corner to the fabulous Prideaux Haven (5). Anchor in either Melanie Cove or Laura Cove and enjoy the splendor of giant mountain peaks towering all around you.

Day 4

Heading up Waddington Channel offers three options for your fourth day and night.

  1. Roscoe Bay (6) is extremely well protected and has a beautiful, warm, fresh water lake just a short walk from the anchorage.
  2. Pendrell Sound (7) boasts the the warmest water north of the tropics, often reaching over 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24C) in the summer months.
  3. Native pictographs adorn the cliffs of the anchorage in Walsh Cove (8) at the north end of Waddington Channel.

Day 5

Cruise around the Redonda Islands via Homfray Channel which boasts the deepest soundings in coastal North American waters, 2400 feet! Heading back down through Thulin Passage brings you back to the quaint seaside town of Lund (9), an excellent spot for your next overnight stop.

Day 6

Cruise back across Georgia Strait to Henry Bay (10) on Denman Island for a relaxing last night’s anchorage. This is a quiet bay with deserted sandy beaches just 5 miles from our Base. If you prefer, or the weather is not cooperating, plan to return to the Base that evening, fuel up, tie up, perhaps unload some of your gear, have a shower, maybe dinner out and a good night’s sleep. Next morning you’ll be ready for check out at 9:00 am.

Day 7

If you stayed at Henry Bay, plan to get up very early to fuel up and return the boat to the Base by 9:00 am. On the way to Comox Marina, take the time to check that all personal gear is packed and the boat is clean and ready for unloading so you can be clear for check-in at 9:00 am. If you came in the night before you’ll get a bit of extra sleep before you check the boat out at 9:00 am.

Have a safe trip home and we hope to see you next year.