Protecting our Environment & Cultures

Chartering a yacht with DSYC will enable you to view and be a part of some of the richest natural and cultural environments the planet offers. It is the responsibility of us all to protect it for future generations.  


Our cultural heritage in British Columbia is important to recognize and most interesting to learn about.  Seek out the history and traditions and respect the Indigenous traditions and ways of life.  Appreciate the landscape and hardships of our settlers and pioneers to the area.  These guardians and explorers of a time before on our great coast have given our destination a worthy place in time and history.

Protecting our environment is paramount at DSYC and we ask you to join our efforts in protecting our remote and serene destination by leaving it untouched.  Preparing your boat for your trip should include the purchase of supplies that are contained in recyclable containers.  Clean drinking water is provided in the boat tanks and water is potable at filling stations throughout your trip.  Separate your rubbish onboard for proper disposal.  Garbage can be removed from the boat at different marinas en-route and on return to our base.

Our vessels are all maintained to prevent the loss into the ocean of fuel, oil and other on-board fluids.  Check your oil and fluid levels each day. In the case of fuel, diesel smell or indication of blackened fluids call us and seek advice.  Even a small amount of these fluids are harmful to all marine environments and wildlife.

Our abundant recreational opportunities require your attention to safety and preservation.  When cruising or out on your dinghy, kayak or paddleboard be mindful to give adequate space to marine life and respect the delicate shorelines.  Fishing and foraging the seashore for shellfish provides a fun and equally satisfying result while on your adventure, however, it is important to follow all guidelines and regulations set by the Department of Fisheries.  Licensing and regulations information can be found at

If you are lucky enough to encounter whales on your adventure, be respectful of these amazing animals. Please familiarize yourself with the advice and laws about how to behave when whales are nearby – the Canadian Government advice and regulations are on this page: If you see tail, fin or spray – Stay far enough away.

Our pristine lands are home to wildlife of whom we must be cautious and considerate.  Soaring eagles, breaching whales, timid deer can all be part of your holiday in the Pacific Northwest.  Viewing bears is a highlight for visitors to Toba Inlet and other animal encounters can happen in our remote wilderness .  Be calm and be prepared.  For information on encounters with the animals

When going ashore, leave only footprints and take only pictures.  Exercise care when exploring and please respect our fragile flora and fauna.  Enjoy the sounds and views of nature.  Take splendour in the tranquillity and peace of the coast of British Columbia for all who travel in your wake.