Yacht Ownership

DSYC is on hand every step of the way. We know our owners and guests because we are you. Jen and Maz take extraordinary steps to ensure your ‘baby’ is ship shape and well maintained.

Desolation Sound Yacht Charters provides yacht owners with flexible management programs to suit each owner to offset their cost of ownership and cruising time. We are the ideal choice for Charter Yacht Management, offering professional services, ultimate location and rewarding yacht ownership. We offer the lowest commission structure on the BC coast with no restrictions on owner use.  Charter can defer the cost of ownership greatly if not entirely.

Our scheduled and detailed maintenance program will retain the value of your asset. Experienced and trained personnel take pride in maintaining your yacht to ensure it remains in top working condition. System checks, detailed maintenance logs and accounting give owners confidence in our labour at reduced industry standard rates.

DSYC is proud to provide the best Insurance Protection in the industry.  We offer reasonable rates, excellent claims history and the most complete coverage available.  You can be confident in the security of your yacht through our diligent charter guest screening and vessel orientations, briefing, check-outs and dedication to safety.

Contact us about your ownership needs.